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Me and my sister's manga, called for Shinobi Blood, it's out, and readable on this website:…

Summary - During the Heian Era; Hired separately by influential masters who are after each other's head, the Kazane sisters are trapped in a fate of fighting one another. The path to becoming full-fledged in Shinobi path was harder than they thought it'd be.

Genres - Action, Drama, Historical, Humor, Romance, Shoujo(with resemblance to shounen)

Feedback are very much appreciated!  We hope you'll enjoy the story!! This is our proud creation <3

The story also has an AU mini Version, to it , where one page will be uploaded before each chapter.  (You should totally read the mini version as well! It's high school setting and I love it a lot:blush:)
Izumi and Iohime by AkariSaku-chan
Izumi and Iohime
The original sketch+coloring is done by, my One-sama - Kohaya7Kae-13

These ocs are our ninja ocs :D  Izumi is to the left, the one with the eyepatch, and then Iohime is the one to the right with yellow eyes *_*

They exist in a manga project, me, and Kohaya7Kae-13 are working on, she being the artist, and both of us the authors and such! :D So we work together as a team.

Hope you like them!! *_*
Here's a link to other characters in the story: Toranosuke and Shirozaki :D

Izumi, Iohime @Kohaya7Kae-13 , AkariSaku-chan

Chapter 6;

“Eh?!?” her eyes widened momentarily bigger then usual and she gasped, as she felt something cold right in front of her in the darkness. Her eyes did not see much, but she felt it... The coldness, the hidden darkness lingering in the shadows... This coldness made her slightly halt her steps... The candles that was lit on the walls, went out in one second, and she shut her lips tightly, grimacing as sweat left her forehead. This did not cease her running entirely, she felt a swarm of coldness from behind her as well, the coldness getting closer... So she just continued running, running so fast, and tiring herself, her breath became deeper, and faster... Then... Then it happened...


“Ahh,” she said out in surprise, as she felt herself hitting something, and then falling down towards the ground...On top of something decently soft and ice cold...

Akari's eyes had closed themselves in surprise of hitting something and then falling down... Beneath of her, she heard a low gruff which also sounded somewhat annoyed. The voice startled her slightly, she opened up her eyes, and saw how close her face was to... None other then Fusao!

“F-fusao-s-san?” she stuttered slightly, as her face became hotter, and redder. Their faces were after all inches close...

“Human...” he growled, his ice cold eye glaring straight into her own surprised, and terrified gaze. “Get. Off.”

“Off?” She asked curiously, until she remembered she was laying above him on the floor... Her body weight on his. “Ohh! I'm so sorry!” she apologized and rushed up from him, but then got pulled back by his hand again... “Eh? F-fusao-san?” She asked him quietly, as she saw how he brought her fingers closer to his mouth.

“Shojo. You're bleeding, ” as the white haired male said this, a smug, and dark smirk formed at his lips, as he put her finger inside of his mouth, and lapping his tongue on the small wound. He sank his two pair of fangs into her finger, making a small scream erupt from her lungs, but as Fusao saw this, he already covered her mouth, with his other free hand.

'This human's blood... Different... What is this?!' went through Fusao's mind, as he continued with draining Akari from her blood..

“It hurts... Please... Stop.... It hurts...” Akari murmured through her deep breath, as she felt black dots covering her vision, but before she drowned into the darkness, she did something quite unexpected on Fusao's part...


Akari slapped Fusao on the head, which made him startled enough to loose his grip on her finger, and so she pulled out, stood up, and stared at an angry white head... Blood was dripping from the vampire's mouth, as he got up on his two feet, and glaring at her darkly.

“You filthy shojo, did you just dare, and hit me? ” He snarled angrily, throwing his fist into the wall and making a small crack appear.

“Um... I'm... S-sorry but it w-was hurting...So I...” Akari mumbled, feeling nervousness overwhelm her, as she took a step back, when he got closer to her body. Then he suddenly grabbed a hold of her shoulders, gripping it tightly so she squirmed, and groaned out of pain. Fusao slammed her back into the wall and hovered before her, with a dark glint across of his gaze.

“You filthy human, you damn filth dare to damage my head?” He whispered darkly across of her ear, as he gripped tighter onto her shoulder, as if he was going to break it apart.

“Mhm... It hurts...” she moaned out in pain, opened her eyes, and looked into his cold stare, and then something weird hit her, anger came over her... “Fusao-san, you may hate humans, but you have never thought that each person is different? Not all humans are the same, you know! It is the same with you vampires... All of you are different from each other! ” She yelled straight into his face, as she pushed him down towards the floor, her fists shaking. “And I pity you for not seeing that...” Akari blushed furiously, then stared at what she had just done, and ran away.

'Omg, what just came over me! He's going to kill me the next time I meet him!' she thought horrified.

In the meantime, there sat a quite stunned, and pissed of Fusao. “Stupid filth.”

“Fusao-sama, the girl is right. You shouldn't judge humans beings so fast,” there came his cat, Rosbif jumping onto his shoulder. “But I must say, that scene was interesting...” He murmured, laid down onto his masters shoulder, and shut his eyes.

Interesting? Rosbif, you should stop seeing that human,” Fusao growled, rose up from his position on the floor, and dusting himself of from the dirt that had made its way to his attire.

Well how did she know your dislike for humans though? It's not like you told her, right?” Rosbif asked, quite curiously as his tail moved back, and forward.

Why would I tell it to that human? Let's go-” a cold chill could be sensed from behind of him, so the man, and his cat went silent for a moment.

Satan,” was his simple acknowledge of the vampire that lingered in the far shadows.

Then as he said, the master of this house appeared quite quickly, and then pinned Fusao towards the wall, with his hand strangling his lungs. Rosbif, who was on his shoulder, had already jumped out of the way, and was watching from the sidelines.

Fusao, what do you think you are doing? I explained clearly that no one was allowed to touch that woman's blood or harm her in any way, ” he said, his eyes darkening, and squeezing Fusao's lungs harder, so that he was choking.

W..why?” He breathed out, while smirking towards him. At this, Satan lessened the power on his lungs so he at least would be able to speak. Fusao coughed once and then continued. “Because she resembles that other human you had a few years ago until it got snatched right bellow of your clutches? Tch, you are still too soft Satan.”

As those words got spoken from Fusao, he took both of his hand, and broke his neck. He then released his hands from Fusao, letting the vampire slid down, and meet with the ground.

I will be absent in two days. I order you to not lay one single finger on her. If you do, more bones in your body shall brake , Fusao. And never speak of that woman again, nor to no one, especially Akari-san.” with that said, Satan took off, and left the hurt vampire to himself. There was something in the shadows that had masked his presence and watched the scene happen in front of him...

Fusao-sama?” Rosbif called, turned into his human form, and went to help his master. “Are you hurt?” He asked and checked his bones, then the cat's gaze turned towards the direction where Satan left, and he only hissed towards the darkness of that path.

Tch, it is funny how he thinks he can hurt me, another pure blood,” Fusao stated, rose up, then put back his bones on their rightful places. “Rosbif... Turn back into a cat, I do not to wish to see your bareness, stupid cat,” He hummed angrily, as he took off into another random direction.

Rosbif stared at him when he began walking, then smiled widely, and turned back into a cat, following his master...

I found out something interesting~ ” a voice sing songed and laughed evilly, as the departure of the vampire, and his cat occurred. “Now let's follow that lovely purple head.” He said with an evil smirk dancing across of his lips.

*With Akari*

Akari was running away from the frightening scene she left behind.

Huff... huff... huff....

“Wait..” she whispered, then stopped, and furrowed her eyebrows. “He just called me for a virgin didn't he... And I haven't even told anyone, how could it be so obvious, stupid vampires,” Akari made a pouty and sad face, as she glanced down towards the ground of the hallway.

Then she felt something weird from behind of her and she turned around at once, seeing no one, nor sensing anything off either. “Weird...” She shrugged her shoulders lightly, stepped away, and started sprinting again. She was too busy to find a good hiding spot, where hopefully no one would find her for some good amount of time. She felt the need to be alone at the moment.

A few minutes later, she spotted a door at the end of the hallway, and so she headed towards, a possible exist perhaps? But before she could go towards the door, someone gripped a hold of her wrist, and pulled her backwards, so her back landed hard into another's chest.

“Wha-” The purplette gasped, when a hand went to lay on her stomach, and while another one covered her lips from making any kind of noise. Being silenced and feeling fear wash over her, she tried to speak, and struggle into this unknown person's arms, but failed. The person was just too strong. She shivered, when the hand on her stomach ripped through her dress, and placed right on top of her navel. The person's sharp nails went over her navel, so she could feel their sharpness on her skin, though they did not claw at her skin. Then a husky breath tingled at her ear and she squinted her eyes, shaking beneath.

“Akari-san... I wonder... The reason to you being safe in a place like this...Mhm,” a dark voice whispered and moaned into her ear, as a pair of fangs touched her earlobe slightly. “Ohh? You're a shojo too, no wonder you smell so sweet, and tender.”

“Mfmgdgm!” Droplets of sweat stained her forehead, as she tried to struggle a bit more, she was shaking her body towards the side, as well as to the front. But no, the person kept its' hold steady on hers.

“You can't escape me, when I am like this... Akari-san...” he mumbled to her ear, then licked it softly with the tip of his tongue.

Akari's eyes widened upon realization. 'A-Aki-s-san?!?'

Then he suddenly released her, Akari turned around with wobbly legs to see the person behind of it, and it was indeed Aki! His eyes were glowing in the dark, while his hand covered half of his face, she noticed a pair of pointy white teeth coming from his lips.

“A-aki-san?” She asked silently, as she sat on the floor, and looking up towards the stunning vampire.

“Akari-san, you should get away from me while you have the chance. At this time, it's easy to loose oneself,” he spoke, smiling gently towards her, until his expression changed to something else, and his eyes glowered darker. He put down his hand from his face and grinned cruelly towards her, then his eyes enlarged. “Light...” he whispered, as his eyes got back to it's original none glowing form.

“Akari-san, are you alright?” He asked her, smiling, as he bent down towards her, and reached out with his hand. Akari placed hers in his quite hesitantly, looking at him, her eyes screaming in terror, while droplets of sweat poured down from her being. She merrily nodded, unable to speak. Aki helped her up to her two feet, then lead her towards where she was headed.

As they have walked in silent, now standing in front of the door, Aki placed his hand on the door frame, and flinched back. Seeing his own hand, burn slightly, then it healed itself quite quickly.

“Akari-san, I'll talk to you some other time,” he said, smiling quite perversely, as he grabbed a hold of her hair, and tangled it between of his fingers. Then his eyes glanced towards her still bloodied finger. “Ah, that is the reason why I felt the other vampires loose control. I thought it was weird, since most of them are pure blood after all.” He bended down his head towards her finger licked it and then pulled back, watching as the wound closed itself.

Akari blushed madly and looked down, feeling embarrassed. “T-thank you... Aki-san...”

“You're welcome, Akari-san~” He said and laughed, leaving a kiss on top of her forehead, until he took his leave, and left.

Akari stood there frozen for a bit, feeling her heart beat loudly, and unable to calm down. It was quite annoying and a bit stressing, but then the situation was so weird, so scary, and then...

'He was different for a moment... What was that about?' She thought curiously, sighing, as she swept of the sweat on her forehead. Then she turned on her heels, grabbed a hold of the door knob, and quirked it open, getting met with light. 'Ah! No wonder his hand burned before! '

Akari suddenly smiled happily, as she saw the rope still hanging from the open window. This was the first room she found herself in and her escape plan, was still set in place! 'Yays! This is perfect!' Akari cheered quietly inside of her mind. She would be able to escape again! Though she failed the first time..

She entered the room hurriedly and closed the door as fast as she came inside of the amazing, beautiful room. She took of the dress immediately, then went to look for the clothes she first entered with. She found them laying next to the bawl with water where she had cleaned herself with. The fabrics were ripped apart and did not look possible to wear them. She grabbed a hold of her clothes and smiled towards it, then she placed it down again, and turned her head towards the window.

“Little crow!” she exclaimed, as she saw the crow she met in the room where Satan locked her up. She ran towards it and embraced it gently. “You're safe and sound, little crow.” smiling, she hugged the crow between of her chest, while snuggling her face towards the crow's. The crow got pressed into her chest, while the crow's cheeks had darkened into a red color. With much force, the crow flew out of her embrace, its cheeks still red.

“Human, don't touch me so familiarly,” the crow's mouth did not move, but Akari could hear that inside of her head, while the crow was staring quite intensely at her direction.

“Eh? Where?!” she looked around herself, looking for the speaker, but failed in her attempt to find anyone.

“Here. In front of you,” it came once more inside of her mind, the turned to stare back at the front, and seeing the crow, sensing darkness come from it...

“But it's just the crow in front of me!” She said, looking quite confused while she was staring at the crow's unmoving form.

“Until next time, human...” The crow then flew outside of the window and was long gone.

Akari's eyes had gotten bigger and she had fallen down in surprise, onto the floor, on her butt.

“Eh? What was that about... This is so weird...” she pondered, looking down, while then sighing.

“Oh well, time to get out of here!” She said and smiled brightly, as she rose up, and went towards the wardrobe. Where she had found the white large t shirt, she wore at the start. She glanced over the many different clothes and found a large fluffy jacket, which would reach all the way to cover her knees. She put it onto herself, smiled, and nodded to herself. Then she turned towards the window ones more and strolled towards it. She stopped and looked down, through the open window. She jumped on the window sill, smiled, and then yawned, feeling herself a bit tired. It was a long ago, when she slept, at least a few hours back. And she's already getting tired, it might be because Fusao drank her blood? As she made her way down towards the rope, she hang from the rope, just beneath of the window sill.

“I feel so weak... I feel like just wanting to disappear...” at those words, she felt amnesia hit her, and she lost her grip, falling down towards her doom... With a pained expression across of her face, her eyes shut closed, and then it actually happened... She vanished!! Into thin air!!

*Changes scene towards a room, filled with eight coffins, one of the coffins was wrapped in metal chains. While another coffin was open and vacant*

The coffin that laid in the middle, the lock of it got thrown off in one second, and Satan appeared, rising from the bed. As he did this, three other coffins got opened, Nozomu, Hiroki, and Jun rose up, looking quite sleepy to the eyes.

“Satan-sama? Did something happen?” Hiroki asked and yawned, rubbing his eyes.

“The woman's presence is gone.” was his direct reply, as his face clenched.

“Gone?!?” Both Hiroki and Nozomu asked loudly.

“What do you mean with, that she's gone? Satan-sama? It is impossible. I felt her presence moments ago,” Nozomu exclaimed, glaring towards one of the coffins slightly. 'Aki... It can't be... Did he do something again?'

“It was not your brother Nozomu,” the black haired stunning man stated.

“Then who might it have been, Satan-sama?” Jun asked, his eyes half lidded , as he yawned. “It is possible, that it was one of the demons, I believe.”

“You are correct.”

“But how could they possible take Akari-chan?!?” Hiroki asked in a quite whiny voice. “I'll kill them, destroy them!!” His form became much darker and the darkness expanded across of the room.

Inside of one of the coffins laid a now fully awake Fusao, Rosbif's no were to be seen. 'Mhm. What is it with that human, that makes these vampires behave so strangely? Idiots.' Fusao placed his palm on the coffin lock, then pushed it open, and threw it to the side, as he got up from the coffin, he glared towards the other males in the room.

“You are too loud. It is unable to sleep, your loud voices forces itself into my ears. Hah, I bet that human is dead by now,” Fusao said with a smirk, earning himself a dark glare from Satan, and Hiroki. Nozomu stared at him, with a quite pissed off face, he was not so happy either.

“Rosbif, come,” he called for his cat and it came running from a corner and jumping on top of his shoulder blade, then Fusao whispered some unknown words, and they vanished in a flash.

She is not dead...” Hiroki said darkly, clenching his two fists.

“Calm down,” Satan said, wind starting to pour out of him, and slap Hiroki across his face, making the young vampire startled, and stare at him.

“We shall find out who it was. The demons seemed to know of you Jun,” he said, making Jun to look at him with a confused gaze, his eyes still half lidded.

“Yes, but I do not remember any of them, Satan-sama.”

“I see,” Satan went over to Jun, so he was in front of him. “pardon.” He then put his hand on top of his head, closed his eyes, and the wind around him became stronger.

Jun Felt something hit him and he lost conscious for only a second, then Satan retreated back with his hand, and glanced at the man's grinning, and dark expression.

“Tell me, who were they?” He ordered firmly, both Hiroki, and Nozomu staring with an confused gaze at what was occurring.

Why should I tell you? You hold no power over me, why would that girl matter to you? Heh, why would she matter to anyone of us.” The voice was different, Jun's original voice, the attitude different as well...

She is special and if you do not tell me where she is, I shall kill you right here, and now,” Satan said furiously.

Oh? You plan to kill Jun as well then?”

Satan's lips moved upwards as in a pure evil smile. “It is possible to only destroy you and part your soul from his body.”

Jun snarled towards him. “Fine then. It was probably Aoi and his demon friends that took her,” he said in defeat, as he glared towards Satan.

To the underworld?” he questioned, his gaze landing down towards the ground slightly.

Yes, in order to kill me. He's using the girl as a bait, though I will not fall for it, heh.” he smirked knowingly.

Reason?” Satan looked up towards him, with glowing eyes.

Jun laughed cruelly. “I killed Aoi's family and only let him live. And now he wants revenge.”

I understand,he lifted up his hand above Jun's head, then lowered it, but before it could happen, Jun vanished into a flash, and stood by the door.

Do not think I will go back inside of his body, when I'm finally free. Thank you so much, Satan-sa-m-a hahahaha,” he said sarcastically and laughed, then went outside of the door, and vanished in a flash to who knows where.

Satan looked towards his disappearance and shook his head slightly. “Hiroki, I will leave Jun to you, keep him locked up until I am back.”

Fine, then you better bring her back, Satan-sama,” Hiroki told the man, smirked evilly, and grabbed a hold of Nozomu's arm. “You're coming along.

Why do I have to? I will help Satan-sama to search for Akari in the underworld,” Nozomu said, glared, and spat at Hiroki, while trying to struggle from his hold.

Nozomu, you know you are no match for me. You will follow my orders, when Satan-sama is not here, you understand?” Hiroki snarled evilly, while pulling him again. Nozomu only sighed in defeat to this and nodded. 'This is the reason of my dislike to you, Hiroki...'

As the two vanished, Satan were left alone in the coffin room, with two coffins still being closed, and the rest of the coffins, open. He stared over to the coffin in metal chains and heard the person from within, hit it, and try to break it. “I hope I will never have to let you out... It is not your time yet.” With that said, Satan walked towards the door, and then outside of it.

He came to the hallway, walked alongside of its way, and then stopped by a wall. He placed his hand on the wall and pushed at it slightly, so it opened, he then walked through the opening, and down the stairs. As he finally made his way to the last stairs, he came into a quite a large room, with nothing... Expect for a circle drawn onto the floor, he went over to it, and stood in the middle of the circle. Suddenly a dark light emigrated from the circle and came up from the ground, around his form, until it swallowed him wholly, and pulled him downwards, to enter a black hole.

*With Kaoru*

Down in the basement, where there were mostly darkness, and a window open, sunlight flashing at the red head's body. Kaoru did not wear so much clothes and most of his clothes, had gotten burnt down by the sun, as well as was his pale skin, red, and bloodied. It was hurting a lot, the pain was too intense, kaoru after all hated the sun, and hated anyone that forced him to be inside of the sun's light.

I swear... I'll take you down, someday, Satan-sama,” he gritted through his teeth and then blinked, feeling the presence of Akari vanishing into less then one second.

My food... Who dared to take my food from me....! Mine... Her blood, belongs to me!” Kaoru snarled, his eyes beginning to glow, as he tried to get free from the chains on his body, and on the cross his back leaned to. But as he struggled and changed his position, the sun light could stung his other clean skin, that had been covered by the darkness.

*with Akari*

Akari was laying passed out, inside of a cage, where there were bars in her way of getting out to freedom. There were a few shadows around of the cage, where she laid sleeping inside of. Some voices, forced themselves inside of her eardrums.

Ohh, she's here Aoi-san!!” A childish voice said loudly.

Shut up Ikki, you will wake her up, you stupid idiot!” The said demon, got hit on top of his head by none other then Aoi himself.

How long until the girl wakes up?” Came another demon's voice.

I do not know and I do not care, I only want Jun to hurry, and come here, so I can kill him off,” Aoi growled angrily.

Aoi-san... Do you think he'll come? It looked like he didn't know you though...” Ikki said and pondered, but earned himself a kick on his head, as he flew off towards the cage, and hit it.

Ikki, keep your mouth shut!” He snarled evilly and stomped away, leaving the hideout.

Akari awoke in haste, to the new found voices. 'Where am I?' She asked herself, feeling a bit drowsy, and pain hit her head....

Chapter 6 end

Black Mansion chapter 6
What can I say ? Fusao is Fusao *_* but god damn I love Fusao... Ehehe :3 / I love the rest too though! Yays! :D

I hope you enjoyed reading this chapters, since I had so much fun with this! *_*

Previous chapter -
Next chapter - *not yet completed*


Black Mansion

Chapter 5;

*Inside of the house, at the ball room*

The ballroom was huge, there were many small but long tables at the middle of the room, with many different cuisines on top of the tables. There were also servants walking around the ground, holding trays with drinks on top of them, handing them over to the guests as they entered the ball. But these drinks weren't ordinary drinks, it was red liquid inside of the glasses, smelling like the scent of blood... At the corners of the hall, there were a few chairs as well, for the people to rest if they felt the need to.

Loud steps could be heard, as the many guests entered the ballroom, each one taking a glass of the red drink, expect for a few of the customers. The people were beautiful, the females wore elegant dresses, while the men wore different kind of suits, looking nicely as well. As the room was filled with all of the guests inside, the big doors got slammed closed, and someone came down from the stairs, with other four men behind of him, all in good looking suits.

“Ah, Satan-san,” a female said gently and nodded towards the man, who was at the front of the men. Satan had just gotten down from the stairs and was now standing in front of all of his guests, as they greeted him with fine respect.

He touched his glass for a moment as a sign of speaking, the voices quieted down at his action, and everyone turned their full attention to him. “Everyone, I thank you for coming to this ball, and I hope you shall enjoy yourselves. But first, we have something to discuss about, Souske would you mind?” His emotionless voice made all of the females sigh in bliss, Satan's voice was wonderful, and not only that, he was quite a beautiful man as well. A man any woman would fall for.

“Yes, Satan-san,” a man with short grayish hair came forward from the crow, his suit being a dark blue color, and he looked quite old for the young body that held him. “Us demons, have a problem in the underworld, and we ask for the vampires help.” Was his statement, startling everyone in the crowd, forcing whispering to appear.

“What help may you need?” Satan asked the demon, while the other four vampires behind of him took off in their own directions, getting bored already. Though, he managed to stop one of them with his hand, the brown head Hiroki. Satan looked at the young vampire, with an look that says: “You are not allowed to leave.” The brown head vampire could only mumble a few words to this, but obliged to his order despise that.

“Our problem lies with the death gods, they are randomly taking the lives of us demons, and other creatures in the underworld.”

“Oh my, how can this be?” The same female that spoke Satan's name at the start, said out loud, in pure surprise.

“And we have done nothing to offend the death gods in taking our lives, I have also heard that they are on their way to the human world. So they can kill off you, vampires, and probably humans as well.” Souske told the crowd, hearing their worried voices.

“You are lying, the death gods had made a contract with us,” one of the elder vampires said and walked up to the two, having white long hair, and long bear, one of the oldest vampire there existed.“they have promised not to hurt our race.”

Everyone stared at him and more whispering appeared.

“Typical demons for lying all the time!”

“But they might not be lying...”

“Is this really true?”

“If it is... Then this is a huge problem, don't you agree?”

“That's true!”

Silence,” Satan one word quieted down the whole group and they looked over to them again. “I myself shall go and take a look in the underworld and bring back information about the death gods, rest assured.“ was his smooth reply, making everyone, or at least almost everyone at ease.

“Satan, when will you be leaving?” The elder asked him, wearing an harsh expression across his face.

“In less then two days, I shall take my leave, elder,” he said and bowed down respectfully to the man and then lifted his head up, and stood straight up. “Since we have finished with this subject, you can do whatever you wish, and enjoy yourselves in my home.” He said, everyone clapped at him, and then he went over to Hiroki, and whispered something into his ear. Hiroki nodded swiftly, with yet another small sigh leaving his lips, as he watched as Satan left the ballroom, walking up the stairs.

Hiroki stared out of the window, noticing a few shadows lingering outside. He shook his head swiftly and turned around, as he started walking, heading over to the tables filled with food. He stopped by the table and took a bite of a chicken, and chewed on the meat happily, smiling in content.

Nozomu the blonde head, was minding his own business, and chatting away with the female vampires. Charming them nicely. Suddenly he saw a black cloak swift by him, in the corner of his eyes, he looked over to the person, and noticed that his head was hooded as well. 'He's speaking to the elder.' was Nozomu's knowing thought, while he kept his gaze steady on the scene playing in front of him. The girls were clinging to his sides and flirting with him, having their breasts close to his arms, which he ignored them completely. He found something else to be interested in, at the current moment.

Fusao was nowhere to be seen in the ballroom. Jun was nowhere to be seen as well and Satan had just left.

The hooded man took his leave when he got a confirmed nod from the elder, he went up the stairs quickly, and Nozomu's eyes never left his back. The blonde head himself tried to get away from the vampire ladies but failed miserably, they held onto him quite forcefully, not allowing the young vampire to escape.

*Following the mysterious man~*

The hooded male was walking throughout the corridors of the Black Mansion house, walking past different paintings at the wall, and a few doors. As he came closer to a particular door, he felt something weird, a weird presence... A presence that shouldn't be allowed in this house, he hurried to the door smoothly, until he stopped right in front of it.

“Locked?” He stated out in wonder and looked towards the key hole beneath of the door handle, his eyes blinked once, and then he heard a crack coming from the door. A small evil smile emerged at his lips and he placed his hand softly on the door handle pulling it down quietly, pushing up the door gently, and silently. As the door got dragged open, it did not leave a sound from anyone to hear. He entered the room through the small gape of the door and inspected the room closely, seeing nothing special, but then as he heard soft breathings he looked up, seeing someone laying on the bedsheets of the bed that was in the middle of the room. He saw a head full with purple hair laying messily all over the bedcover, her chest went up, and down in slow paces, and he stepped closer to the sleeping girl.

“Mhm, this was interesting,” he said, whilst chuckling slightly, as he stood before the bed, he lowered himself, and sat down next to her sleeping form. The white shirt she was wearing was smeared with blood and filth, he could only assume that she hasn't taken a bath in awhile, or gotten to wear any clean clothes.

“Ah, the scent of this human's blood...” he mumbled thoughtfully, while his fingertips drew a line on her exposed neck, up towards her plump, and soft lips. His finger moved up to her upper lip from her bottom lip, in a slow motion. Then his finger pressed down on both of her lips gently, until he pulled away from her mouth.

“Wake up little purple head...” he whispered, letting his hand rest on top of her head lightly. “Or I might do something bad to you...Haha.” As he said this, his hand slid down from her head to cup her cheek, and then he bent down his head, closer to her face, so their noses were touching each other.

In that moment, a pair of eyes fluttered open, and he stared amused at her widened, and surprised gaze.

“W-ho are you?!?” she said and pushed him away, making him retreat from her form as he stood up. Her face flushed madly at the hooded man, since they were so close to each other moments ago. Then something hit her mind, her eyes glanced over the room, franticly.

'The crow, it's not here... At least it's safe,' she thought with a small smile making its way up towards her face.

Then her attention got back to the hooded man, as she heard the sound of two doors pulling. She gazed at him, with quite curious eyes, as he was opening one of the wardrobes, looking for something it seemed.

“Ehm... What are you doing?” she asked him softly, turning her head a bit to the side, as she kept her gaze stuck to his current actions.

“Looking for something,” he said, not giving her much attention as he went on with searching for whatever he was looking for.

“Mhm...” Akari mumbled to herself, not enjoying being ignored by the unknown man that had just entered this room. “Ah! You can't be here, master Satan might punish you 'cause you entered this room!” She warned the man and in respond she heard him giggle slightly, small laughs escaped from his mouth.

After a few seconds of his giggling, the man turned around, holding an elegant long dress in his hands. The color was dark red with white flowers sewed onto the hem at the neckline. He strolled over to her and put down the dress onto the bed, next to her. Akari eyes blinked and stared at it with confused evident in her eyes.

“Wear it, we need to get you out of that filthy shirt you're wearing, if you're going to attend the party,” was his smooth reply. “You can't attend it wearing something like that, now can you, miss human?”

“My name is not human... It's Akari,” she said angrily, while pouting slightly, and her hand moved up towards the hood he was wearing, grabbing a hold of the gray fabrics. She was curious, on how this man looked like, and who he was... Akari pulled down his hood from his head and stared at him , her eyes noted the cross tattoo that was bellow his left eye. Her fingers went over to touch it, being memorized by the lovely work. It was so beautiful.

The man, had blue short hair, and magenta eyes, and for some reason, he felt familiar to her. Like as if she had seen him before, maybe not really seen, but he just felt familiar, and she had no idea why that was the case.

“Akari-san, have you fallen for me?” he said with a small grin adoring his stunning face, as he grabbed a hold of her wrist, bringing it up to his mouth, as he gave it a soft kiss.

At first, he was quite surprised when he felt her fingertips slide over his tattoo, but now he was smiling towards the purplette woman. “And shouldn't you be scared, Akari-san? I am not the same as you~” His grin widened further, as he brought her closer to him. He pulled her off from bed, into his chest, as he wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her gently. A blush formed at her face and stared agape at him, as she noticed how cold he was.

“Y...You-re a v-vampire?!?” she asked, feeling fear overwhelm her, the fear that couldn't appear since her curiosity took over her.

“Yes, while you are a human. A fragile being, aren't you?” He said while smiling the whole time, brushing their noses together, as his hands went to grab a hold of her thighs.

“Ahh...” Akari blushed when she felt two pair of hands gripping her thighs, from beneath of the shirt. “W-what a-are you d-doing?!?”

In respond to her question, Akari felt something wet touch the tip of her nose, as it then went down towards her cheek, but didn't stop there, it went further down, until it landed on her neck. The wetness of the unknown man's tongue, swirled against her skin, making goose pumps appear.

“N-no!” she stuttered, trying to force him off of her, her hands were placed at his chest, as she pushed. Even though she used all of her might to push him, he didn't even budge one inch.

“Mhm? Akari-san, are you scared?” He questioned her, leaving her neck alone for now... He also released the hold around her body and without a second thought, he took out a scissor from his pocket, and cut through the shirt, leaving her in only her underwear.

Akari stood frozen in place, staring at him with an unbelieving look, as if she could just not believe what just happened... Then he walked passed her quite revealing form and she blinked for a few times, wondering what he was up to.

The blue haired man grabbed a hold of the dress he recently found, then he went back towards the girl, and put it onto her in one second. “Mhm, you look lovely, Akari-san.” he said and smiled, staring over at her, as he grabbed a hold of her hand, and lead her out of the room.

“W-wait! I'm not allowed to leave this room, Master Satan will be angry!” She told him, but it looked like as if he didn't care, since he kept on dragging her along anyways. “I don't want you to get hurt...” she mumbled, her eyes were glancing down towards the floor, he noted as he looked back at her for a brief moment.

'A human worrying for a vampire's well being, now this was unusual,' he thought with a small smirk forming at his lips, as he kept on pulling her towards where the party was held at.

A few moments of him dragging her, they saw a huge amount off light coming from the corner, and Akari could only stare at it with curiosity. She was curious yet scared of what would happen, when she entered that light...

“I don't think we should...” Akari whispered hesitantly towards the man, as they came closer to the light.

“Of course we should, we need to show of this beauty of yours!” he said with a yet another small smile tugging at his lips, while he looked at her, giving her a reassuring smile.

Even if she said no, she was sure off that it wouldn't change anything, so instead she just nodded her head slowly as he kept on pulling her, his hand wrapped tightly around her wrist.

Many different shades of light met her eyes, she stared surprised at the scene, while standing next to the unknown man's side. There were so many people, everyone wearing something real expensive, their clothes were so beautiful, as were the people. She could swear she just entered a fairy tale.

“Shall we go my princess?” The magenta eyed male said and smiled towards her, holding out his hand for her. He had let go of her wrist as soon as they appeared at the top of the stairs.

“...Yes,” Akari said and nodded, after giving a few seconds to think about it. She hovered her hand over his and lowered it down hesitantly, while meeting with his fingers, she shivered at the cold sensation emerging from his skin. She was close to pull it back, but before she had the chance to, he had already wrapped his hand around hers.

He began walking down, leading her down the stairs, as many, many eyes were watching the two... As they came t0 the end of the stairs, Akari could feel a few dark auras coming from the crowd, nervousness washed over her, as her face became flushed in embarrassment.

The blue haired man continued with leading her towards the floor, as they made their way in between the guests that were dancing, he stopped, and placed his other hand at her waist.

“Can I have a dance, princess?” He asked, smiling towards her as he brought her body closer to his, holding her firmly.

“It's not like I can really refuse is it...?” she murmured into his chest, while he only continued smiling, as he slowly, but securely began moving their bodies alongside the music.

They danced around and around the dance floor, four pair of eyes were watching their every move...

After three minutes later they stopped their dancing and were now standing in a corner talking to each other, laughs escaped from Akari's lips. While the blue haired vampire was laughing as well, sticking quite close to her, two other vampires took notice off...

'What is he doing here...?' Nozomu thought as he slipped past the women, clinging onto him, he even had to push a few of them back. “I'm sorry ladies, but I need to take my leave for now, I shall come back to you later, and then let's have some fun. Don't you agree?” He said in his overly sweet gentleman-ish voice.

“Hurry back Nozomu-kun~ Can't wait,” one of the girls told him and winked at him, while another blew him a kiss.

Nozomu ignored them and went over to the two, who had earned themselves lots of attention from the other guests. Especially Akari, it wouldn't be for long until they all noticed that she's a human, and not a vampire like them. 'This is not good,' he thought, it would create a huge fuss, when they all realize that she's human.

In another corner, a dark brown haired male watched Akari with that unknown person, which he had never seen before. But even so, his presence felt familiar.. He shook it off and decided to follow Nozomu's lead, as he saw him walking over to the two.

“You're quite funny,” Akari said as she giggled, smiling happily towards the vampire.

“I thank you my princess,” he said and bowed down before her, joining in on her laughs.

“Aki, what are you doing here?” The smooth voice of Nozomu startled Akari out from her laugh and she stared at the blonde head, as he stood at their side.

Then in the corner of her eyes, she saw a grinning Hiroki come from the other side. He made his way to stand beside Nozomu. “Akari-chan, hello, how are you doing?” He asked the purple head, giving out his hand to shake hers. Akari took it slowly and shook it. “I'm fine thank you, Hiroki.”

“Akari, you look quite beautiful in that dress, it suits you, ” Nozomu said and complimented her looks, with a gentleman smile across his lips.

“Thank you...” she murmured as a dark blush made its way to her face.

“Of course it's beautiful when I choose the dress, Nozomu,” Aki smirked to blonde head, as he saw how his expression darkened at the announcement.

As she heard this, her blush deepened, and she turned away from the other men immediately. Recalling the scene, of where he just ripped apart her borrowed shirt, and saw her in her underwear... Which no man has even seen before! Her action did not get unnoticed by the other males surrounding her.

“What did you do to her brother, you should know what will happen to you if you dared to drink her blood,” Nozomu stated, observing him, for any kind of reaction to what he said.

“The elder would not let him touch me anyway and you of everyone should know that, Nozomu,” he said, smiling widely.

You better not have touched her, since we ourselves aren't even allowed to lay a hand on her, by master Satan,” Hiroki stated quietly and darkly towards the male, feeling anger boiling in his head.

“You two are adorable, you don't dare to defy your master? How noble of you Nozomu, you have become a frightened cat since I wasn't around... What a pity, ” he mocked him, smirking all the way.

“You are not allowed to tell me that...” he snarled slightly, while Hiroki got surprised at the composed Nozomu loosing his cool for once.

As the two were arguing with Aki, Akari had gotten pulled away from the scene by none other then Jun, the pink haired vampire.

“Akari-san, would you care to dance with me?” Jun said, while holding her hands gently, and she just looked at him with widened eyes.

“Ah?! Jun, are you alright?” she asked him worriedly, as she remember the scene of him, the last time they met each other.

“Akari, you're too kind aren't you? I hurt you and still you're worried about me?” He asked her, dragging her towards the dance floor.

“I... I... Just.. Well.. It was my fault... You ended up like that, I'm sorry.” she apologized, with sadness hinted at her eyes, puzzling the pink head greatly.

“No, I should be the one to apologize for hurting your fragile, human body,” Jun said, absentmindedly as he tucked a bit of her hair between his fingertips.

Akari stared at his beautiful eyes and smiled for a bit, then got startled when he suddenly grabbed a hold her body, and began moving to the rhyme of the music, dancing. The two were dancing around all over the place and Akari couldn't help but to smile, it has been awhile since she had so much fun , especially when she entered this place. It was so fun, that she could maybe just forget everything...

When the two stopped dancing, remembrance entered her mind. 'No... What am I doing.. What am I even thinking, I must leave this place, I need to go back, my family... My friends... They need me!'

“Akari, wait here, I'll get you something to drink,” jun said before he took of towards the tables, filled with many different kind of foods, and drinks.

She nodded swiftly and stood still in place, letting her back rest against the wall, as she looked at the guests having fun.

Then after a few more minutes, when Jun came back, and handed her a drink, Satan came down the stairs, and stared at her. As he entered the ball room once more, everyones eyes were on him. He hurried down the stairs in one flash and stood at the end of the staircase. The elder came towards him and slapped him across the face, making everyone gape in surprise at the motion.

“Satan, are you an real idiot? What do you think you're doing, having yet another human in your house? Do you not remember what happened the last time, you should get rid of her now. I am disappointed in you, you have lived the longest aside from me, and this is what you're doing? Keeping a human pet in your house?” He said angrily.

Satan held his head low as he spoke, his voice full of authority. “Forgive me elder but i can not heed your advice, she shall stay here for eternity. I shall not let her leave, that is my promise to you.”

“Mhm, well I will make sure that you will do as you say, Aki,” the elder called for the blue haired man and he came towards the two.

“Yes, elder?” he asked and bowed down respectfully before him.

“You will stay in this house and keep an eye on them all, you hear me?” He ordered, wearing a harsh expression across his old, and dark face...

“I understand elder,” Aki said with the same respect as before.

“Good, ” he turned his gaze back to Satan. “I hope you won't mind this Satan?”

“I shall welcome Aki's stay with us, he can choose whichever spare room he would like,” Satan said, motionlessly, while his head was still bowed down.

“Then it's settled, I will take my leave, god day,” he turned around on his heels and disappeared into a swirl of darkness, leaving nothing behind.

Akari stared at the scene the whole time, her eyes big, as she took a zip from the class Jun handed her earlier.

*Changes scene to outside of the mansion*

“Did you see that? Ikki, that girl... It looks like she has some connection to Jun, ” Aoi said, tightening his hands as he glared at Jun through the window glass.

“Yeah, now when you say it. It does look like that way, they even danced together Aoi-san! So what do we do?” Ikki the young demon said, looking up towards Aoi.

“Barge in of course, what else?!” he deadpanned.

“Aoi-chan.. I don't think that is such a smart idea, even the demons from our previous tribe are in that hall,” a third person said.

“Shut up Suzoro, who is your leader? I am, you are only supposed to listen to me, and no one else!” Aoi yelled furiously, throwing a rock towards the man, but he avoided the hit,. Ikki who stood behind of him, took the hit instead, and whined at the pain.

“Ouch, Aoi-san! Why did you do that for, I didn't even do anything this time!”

“Oh shut your mouth, don't act like a spoiled child Ikki. You're a demon for fucks sake....” Aoi sighed. “Now let's go, I will have my revenge, even if it will be the last thing I do in my life.”

“Yes Aoi-san, we understand, we will always follow you anywhere,” Suzoro said and so the group of four people rushed through the windows.

A crack filled the air, as the windows got bursted into million of pieces, flying everywhere.

As a few small glass pieces came towards Akari's face, jun shielded her with his arm, so they pierced through his skin instead. Droplets of red liquid dribbled down from the small wounds, staining the floor in red.

“Jun! A-are you ok?!?” she asked him, with a frantic tone in her voice, as she inspected the wounds. “It looks like it hurts...” she mumbled and he could only stare at her actions, with a small smile tilting his features.

“Aoi, Ikki, Suzoro, and Ruki, what are you four doing here?!” The demon elder, Souske asked the demons.

“That is none of your business!” he said, his eyes wandering around every form, until they stopped on Jun, and then he made his way there. “Jun, it has been awhile. How have you been doing lately?” He said fatly, with obvious sarcasm.

Jun smiled towards him. “Who might you be? Have we met before?”

Aoi growled angrily and threw a kick at the wall behind of him. “Are you kidding me, how could you not remember me you fucking idiot! Well at least, I still remember you, Jun. And I will never ever forget you either...!”

The pink head didn't get affected by his hitting, he only stared at him, with that empty smile of his.

“Mark my words, I will take you down Jun! I will kill you in the most painful ways!” he snarled, as his eyes changed towards the shaking girl next to his side. He smirked towards her and whispered some unheard words, as he then went back to the others three.

Satan and Nozomu were standing in front of the four demons.

“Leave now and no one shall be harmed,” Satan ordered, as a strong gust of wind hit the four demons.

“I think you should behave and listen to master Satan's advice, or I'll burn you down to soot,” Nozomu declared, as the candles in the room flared, and enlarged going towards the four demons.

“Aoi-san, I think we should leave for now...” Ikki said, hiding behind Suzoro, and Ruki.

“I must agree with him,” Ruki said in agreement.

“Well said, I just thought the same like you two, for once,” Suzoro told them, everyone's attention going to their leader Aoi.

“Fine... Fine.. But next, next time... Hahaha,” Aoi whispered and laughed loudly like a crazy maniac, until all four of them vanished into thin air, out from sight.

'That was scary...' Akari thought and went back to inspect Jun's wounds, she was taking out the glass shards from his skin. As she did, her own finger got pierced by the shard, and blood dribbled down from her finger.

“Mhm... What might this lovely smell be?” One of the vampire female guests said, turning her head towards the two.

“So it was true, Satan-sama has a human in his home... Mhm, might I take a bite?” One of the male vampires said, stepping closer to the girl, and the pink head male.

“Geh, I won't let you touch her first. She's mine,” another male guest said, attacking the male who approached her.


“Oh please, that human's blood shall be mine, it smells... So different... Mhm,” one of the female guests mumbled, striving closer to our purple head.


'No... No... Just no!' Akari thought with fear crawling at her skin, as she started sprinting up the stairs, away from these hungry looking vampires.

She turned to the right hallway when she came up the stairs, fear screaming in her eyes, and she hurried and ran. Her breathings were deep and shallow, her chest was beating quickly under her ribs.  

Chapter 5; end

Black Mansion ch 5
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